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Web services and E-commerce solutions
Web site development, advertisement on the Internet, and internet marketing with 3 years experience running http://vietnamhost.com: the gathering of Vietnam-based businesses. We will find with you the best solution to enter the worldwide web of Internet, according to the size of your company, your expected results and your budget.
High quality computer spare parts
We have been providing high quality computer spare parts on local market, fresh from USA. Our company is very well known up to the center of Vietnam in this matter, even if our main market is HCMC area.
Infrastructure service
With our wide experience of computing system in heavy duty environment such as Vietnam, we will install for you the computing infrastructure that you need and that WORKS. And for very urgent needs, our 10 networked workstations computer center is at your disposal.
Business consulting service
We provide your first entry point to Vietnam. No logistic worries on your side. You take advantage of our local and international settled infrastructure. Take advantage of our wide network of relationships: market information service, introductions service, local assistance, etc...
IT engineers labor service 
We provide to you the best IT engineers of the country, either for your office in Vietnam, or for your overseas office. We will engage them carry on local procedures and transfer them to your office in a very short time.
WWW outsourcing service
We will develop your website or your Internet database with astonishing results, and at a fraction of the cost you would have done it in your country.
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"Our interfacing role goes far more than a customer request: it is a moral duty."

GOGNIAT Xavier-Phuong, Technology Business Consultant for CONSULTEC TNHH Co., Ltd.


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