TANPHAT CERAMICS CO., is a Vietnamese company, specializing in manufacturing and exporting the handicraft products which were made mainly from Vietnamese natural materials for lawn and garden using in exterior and interior decorations as well.
Established in 1995, our company step by step have set up a stable business on Vietnamese handicraft products and expanded it every year to be able to meet up all our hardest customer’s requirements , and surely we can offer you a very stable compatitive price-levels on our handicraft products.
At this moment we have owned 02 big warehouses and 01 factory to store and produce our products for shipments. Our production capacity can reach 35-40x40’containers per week in good quality and shipments on time. Come to visit our showroom and study our catalogue, you can find out variously many ranges of handicraft products in many Vietnamese different natural materials. In our current ranges we have had over 3,000 different handicraft samples for your selection. Every year as our strongest strategy, we have always created new ideas/samples to offer our customers for new season. Hereunder all our 15 product-lines we have been done business on :
+ Zinc and stainless steel range
+ Poly/Fibre-stone; Fibre-glass; Fibre-clay range;
+ Outdoor ceramics in glazing;
+ White-washed terracotta range;
+ Chocolate terracotta;
+ Dark-clay rusted high-fired ceramic range;
+ Indoor/slipcasting ceramic range;
+ Sandbrast ceramic range;
+ Decorative items:
+ Mosaic and metal-insert decorated range;
+ Terrazzo range;
+ Handicraft Furniture range:
+ Basket-wares;
+ Pressed bamboo items
+ Wooden pots range;
Our company always welcome warmly you to pay a visit to our company anytime to be able to set up a good and long business relationships each other.