Product Name
                   Other Names
                   Class and Subsidiary Risk
                   Hazchem Code
                   Poisons Schedule
 None allocated
 None allocated
 None allocated
 Predominantly as a raw material for chloride titanium dioxide pigment  manufacture. Also used in titanium metal production and welding rod fluxes

                   Melting Point
                   Vapour Pressure
                   Specific Gravity
                   Flammability Limits
                   Solubility in Water
 Dark brown to black dry free running sand. Ruby red to black under the  microscope. Odourless and tasteless.
 1825-3370 deg C
 Not applicable
 Non flammable
 Not applicable
                   Bulk Density
                   Grain size
 No data
 2400-2700 kg/m3

Chemical Proportion
ZrO2 0.8-1.0%
SiO2 0.5-1.0%
Fe2O3 0.53-1.0%
TiO2 85-96%
Al2O3 0.4-0.5%
P2O5 0.05%
Cr2O3 0.23%
V2O5 0.45%
Nb2O5 0.4%
Th 18-50ppm
U 48-50ppm
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