Good policy of maintaining high standard quality at normal prices has changed LCK Ceramics from a small factory in 1991 into the most powerful ceramics producer/ exporter nowadays in Vietnam, which can be easily evaluated with a capacity of 150 container 40' per month, by the ability to maintain always over 150 container 40' in his warehouse for immediate shipment, by professional group of quality controller, professional packing team which can do all kind of packing from simple carton box to wooden crate, from normal pallet to mix pallet of different items and colors etc … This professional packaging enables us to be responsible for any breakage till your warehouse. Furthermore our professional packing team makes your order procedures very simple, you need to let us know which items and the estimate quantity then we will calculate and let you know what is the best way of packing as well according to quantities so you will be able to use up your container spaces. Our professional designers will turn your idea into beautiful planters with the best loading capacity in just few days.
Last but not least, due to the fact that we have a network of customers all over the world, so we can always tell you the trend of color, model etc… we never go the wrong way.
Let's make a trial order, no matter it is 1 container or 100 containers then you will see the difference, you will see the power of our organization, the life is easier when you are in our good hands.



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