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To write with Vietnamese fonts:

Preliminary notes:
- to fully write Vietnamese characters, you must have downloaded and properly installed "VPS fonts". See To read vietnamese fonts
- some print screen of pages hereunder have been hyperlinked, to allow to have a visual check of the procedure step. To return to this page, just click on "back" button of the browser

1) Click on the hyperlink "vps.exe" hereunder. This will download the VPS software package:

    Name Content Size
    vps.exe VPS package

    156 KB

    2) In the DOWNLOAD FILE window, choose "save to disk" and click OK
    instal1.gif (8375 bytes)

    3) Indicate a location to stock the file, for example "C:/VPS" and choose the button "save".

    4) During the transaction, you will see an indicator showing the task
    process. The computer will indicate the end of the task. Click the button "OK", if necessary.

    5) Execute the file VPS.exe in C:/ directory and press "return" or click "unpack". This will unpack VPSKEYS and libraries in C:/VPS directory. Close when executed.vps22.gif (22187 bytes)

    6) Once the 10 files are installed in C:/VPS directory, execute VPSKEYS.EXE by selecting "Run..." of "Start menu" down left in your task bar.

    7) Keep VPSKEYS.EXE running and open a word editor (e.g. Word for windows)vps4.gif (19011 bytes)

    8) Select "VPS Helv" for the font of your text editor

    9) You can begin to type Vietnamese characters:

    Character What to type to get it
    a1.gif (883 bytes) "a" "1"
    a2.gif (886 bytes) "a" "2"
    a3.gif (888 bytes) "a" "3"
    a4.gif (886 bytes) "a" "4"
    a5.gif (882 bytes) "a" "5"
    a6.gif (883 bytes) "a" "6"
    a71.gif (884 bytes) "u" "7"
    a7.gif (888 bytes) "o" "7"
    a8.gif (886 bytes) "a" "8"
    a9.gif (899 bytes) "d" "9"

Kindly note that the first six accentuated characters are valid for all other vowels such as "e", "i", "o", ...

In case of problems related with Vietnamese fonts, please direct your inquiries to:

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