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About Vietnamese fonts:

There are numerous Vietnamese fonts, without any standards. Some of the most common are listed hereafter:

Font's Name Font Family Area of use
VNI fonts Helvetica South Vietnam
.vn fonts Times North Vietnam
VNI/ VPS fonts Helvetica Central Vietnam
VPS fonts Helvetica Outside Vietnam (USA)

To read Vietnamese fonts:

Preliminary note: we use VNI fonts and this font should be choosen to read our Vietnamese pages.

  1. Download one of the font listed hereover by clicking on the choosen hyperlinked font
  2. In the DOWNLOAD FILE window, choose "save to disk" and click OK
    instal1.gif (8375 bytes)
  3. Indicate a temporary location to stock the downloaded file, for example: "C:" (root of your hard drive) and choose the button "save". 
    instal2.gif (22399 bytes)
  4. During the transaction, you will see an indicator showing the task process. The computer will indicate the end of the task. Click the button "OK".
  5. Install the new font by entering START menu in the taskbar- SETTINGS label- CONTROL PANEL label- FONTS icon
  6. In the FONTS windows, choose the menu FILE- INSTALL NEW FONT label
    instal3.gif (16313 bytes)
  7. choose the location of the downloaded font, in our example C: (the root of your hard drive). To select C:, double-click on c:\, as shown below. Click on the button SELECT ALL, and then, on the button OK.
    instal4.gif (27835 bytes)

CONGRATULATIONS. Your Vietnamese fonts are installed !

In case of problems related with Vietnamese fonts, please direct your enquiries to:

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