Internet Hoc Mon messaging service and Huong Viet flowers service merging for the convenience of our customers overseas.
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Fast, reliable, hi-quality and inexpensive:
Located in the suburb of Saigon, Internet Hoc Mon service has
a reliable distribution network and diversified service for customers' satisfaction

Our Services:

  Full INTERNET access service: you access INTERNET in Hoc Mon-Saigon/ Vietnam, with a state-of-the-art multimedia WINDOWS 98 workstations network.
  Complete Email service: you send your letters home through INTERNET HOCMON, and it will be transferred to your relatives within 4 hours! This new way of communicating with your relatives in Vietnam is 20 times faster than any others conventional ways. And yet, it is 5 to 10 times less expensive!
  Picture transfer service: you can even send a picture of your family in Vietnam or receive a picture of your relative abroad. Color scanning and printing included.

Advanced Services:

Oversea subscription: You pay for the number of Email that you and your relatives in Vietnam will send, and no more local charge to pay.
Emax: the Vietnamese bridge between Email and fax. As Vietnamese small company or individual, you hesitate to invest a full-equipped Personal Computer to enter the INTERNET. Or perhaps you want to contact a Vietnamese company through Email. From and to Vietnam, you Email and we fax it to them wherever in Vietnam.
Greetings postcard: send your real postcard to Vietnam (only available with Oversea subscription)
newChat: you can chat with your relatives in Vietnam by fixing an appointment per Email. We will bring  our laptop computer -or mobile computer- to their house.

 $0.7 USD per Email (minimum 30 emails) From 2 - 4 hours per message
 The word of our customers:
  Nguyen Van Thao, Denmark
"Thank you for your Email service, I think It's a good idea for communication by E mail. It's cheap and quick."
  John To, Australia
"This email service works well. We can use it long term. They make reliable deliveries. No more ridiculous overseas phone bills."
  Dinh Bang, USA
"Thank you for all the information about promotion's events. Your guys are real professional entrepreneurs that I've ever known."
Visit us virtually in
HOC MON-Saigon/ Vietnam !
newON LINE oversea subscription

Our contact point in America: Anh Ky
Our contact point in Europe: Anh Xavier-Phuong . Visit his URL http://Xavier-Phuong home page
If common interests, don't hesitate to consult our BOOKMARKS


Email sent through Hop Hung mailbox of INTERNET HOC MON service.
Please reply by specifying in the subject line the name and telephone number
of your recipient, that we will notify at reception of your Email.

Hop Hung
1/1 A Van Hanh, Trung My Tay, Tan Xuan, Hoc Mon, HCMC, Vietnam.
Tel: ++84-8- 891 16 68 or ++84-90- 82 05 82
Fax: ++84-90- 89 51 83
Email:, last updated 22.02.2001

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