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This section intends to present individuals, Vietnamese nationals or persons strongly related with Vietnam.
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Picture Name Updated
Ms. Vu Thi Hoang Trang Ms. NGUYEN Thanh Dai Aug-15, 2001
Ms. Vu Thi Hoang Trang Ms. VU Thi Hoang Trang May-25, 2001
Ms. NGUYEN Thi  To Mai Ms. NGUYEN Thi To Mai April-14, 2001
Mr. VU Khoi Mr. VU Khoi March-7, 2001
Mr. NGUYEN Thanh Nam Mr. NGUYEN Thanh Nam March-2, 2001
Ms. HO Thi Moc Lan Ms. HO Thi Moc Lan Feb-18, 2001
Ms. Nguyen Thi To Chau Ms. NGUYEN Thi To Chau Feb-11, 2001
Ms. HOANG Bich Kim Cuong Ms. HOANG Bich Kim Cuong Jan-24, 2001
Ms. VU Ngoc Bao Ms. VU Ngoc Bao Jan-4, 2001
Mr. LE Minh Tam-Stephane Mr. LE Minh Tam-Stephane Dec-26, 2000
Ms. HUA Tu Kim Ms. HUA Tu Kim Dec-19, 2000
Ms. NGUYEN Thi Bao Thu Ms. NGUYEN Thi Bao Thu Dec-13, 2000
Mr. Tong Thanh Nhan Mr. TONG Thanh Nhan Dec-6, 2000
Mr. Ta Quang Vinh Mr. TA Quang Vinh Nov-30, 2000
Mr. Nguyen Huu Dung Mr. NGUYEN Huu Dung Nov-15, 2000
Ms. VU Thi Hoang Ms. VU Thi Hoang Nov-7, 2000
Mr. GOGNIAT Xavier-Phuong Mr. GOGNIAT Xavier-Phuong Nov-1, 2000
UNKNOWN October-30, 2000


Important technical note: due to our recent infrastructure improvements, this section moved to a UNIX management system. Thus, small or big caps have their full importance. Please take note of the standard that applies: only ONE big written character exist for each person. This character is the first of the surname, all preceding names are shorten with the first letter, small written.
Example: Vu Ngoc Bao becomes vnBao.html, etc..

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